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Luke 20 Taxes For Caesar Bible Mazes

By: Sharefaith

Luke 20 Taxes For Caesar Bible Mazes Thumbnail Showcase

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Description: See if your kids can navigate every twist and turn of this Luke 20 Sunday School activity. A little challenging, and a lot of fun, this Taxes for Caesar kids Bible activity is going to be a classroom hit.

Tags Used: Luke 20, Luke 20:20-26, Taxes For Caesar, Give To Caesar, Sunday School Lesson, Print Activity, Activity, Maze, Bible Maze

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Taxes for Caesar is a powerful Sunday School lesson drawn from Luke 20. This lesson involves a trick question, an astounding answer, and a timeless lesson about authority. Your kids will learn the importance of showing respect to all authority figures: parents, teachers, leaders and, most of all, God! Inside this lesson you will find an inspiring kids Bible story that features a stunning lesson video, fun activities, volunteer-friendly curriculum and so much more! Teach your kids a Sunday School lesson they will never forget with Taxes for Caesar.