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Good Friday Healed Christian PowerPoint

By: Sharefaith

Description: Our relationship with God has been reconciled because of Jesus' death on the cross. This sermon PowerPoint will help direct thoughts toward remembering Christ's sacrifice and make a good preface to the Good Friday sermon.

Fonts Used: Didot, Bebas Neue.

Tags Used: Good Friday, cross, Healed, stripes, crucify, crucifixion, sacrifice, death, resurrection, ash Wednesday, palm sunday, easter, resurrection, I peter 2, I peter, I peter 2:24, Christian PowerPoint, heal, healing, forgiven, redeemed, atone, atoned, atonement, Golgotha, calvary, hill of the skull, died, hill of the skull, death, execution, nails, pierce, Good Friday sermon, sermon PowerPoint, reconciled, cross of Christ