Motion Videos

A Father's Footsteps Video Splash Screen

By: Tim Cross

Description: This video splash screen with an image of a man leaving footprints in the sand is a perfect complement to the Father's Footsteps set for Father's Day. A dad leaves a legacy for his children through his words, but even more so through his actions. The picture of imprints in the sand will bring home that message to your Church.

Tags Used: legacy, father's love, father's day, footsteps, proverbs 3:5-6, our father, pater noster, protector, image of the father, prayer, faithfulness, god the father, good father, holy father, grace and peace, beach, sand, footsteps in the sand, path, guide my path, christian paths, faithful walk, children, parents, guiding footsteps, savior, peacemaker, christian image, religious picture

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