4th of July Music Videos

By: Sharefaith Visual Media Team

Description: For Independence Day, Sharefaith has created a beautiful and stirring Christian music video to show your faith in God and your love of this great nation we live in. The short film brings out the words we use in relation to our freedom and liberty and leads to the ultimate thought that we are One Nation, Under God as we state in our pledge. This video presentation with stunning music composed by Hein van Wyk is the perfect reminder for the 4th of July that God is in control.

Video Transcript:Independence. Freedom. Opportunity. Liberty. All words we celebrate as a nation. As you look at the flag and observe our country's independence, remember our pledge: One Nation Under God.

Tags Used: 4th of july, independence day, independence day sermon video, democracy, one nation under god, deceleration of independence, first amendment right

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