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The New Testament by Candlelight

By: Rachel Barrett

Description: The New Testament by Candlelight is an image of an open Bible, cropped into the bottom left corner of the frame, and illuminated by a small, white candle with brown shading. The image is created with a sketched, illustrative style, using rough black outlines to define the edges of the objects. The Bible is shown open on its back, and angled up on the left, pointing towards the candle. On the right hand page of the book, the words "The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" are written in a loose black font, on a light brown page, which is illuminated by the candle, indicated by black lines, and a yellow glow leading from the candle flame, to the page.

Tags Used: believers, bibles, books, candlelight, candles, classes, disciples, doctrine understanding, education, enlightenment, epistles, followers, good news, gospels, illumination, inspiration, lord, ministry, new convenant, new testament, open, pages, parables, paul, peter, prayers, readers, revelation, savior, saviour, school, sermons, study, sunday, teaching, truth, vespers