Pentecost Video

By: Andrew Wahlquist

Description: A stunning sermon video depicting the events of Pentecost as it happened in Jerusalem. During this marvelous event the Holy Spirit was poured out into the hearts of many and appeared visible as tongues of fire. Those baptized by the Holy Spirit started speaking in tongues and the crowd started to hear the message of salvation in their own dialect thereby accepting Jesus as savior. That day 3000 were baptized.

Video Transcript: It was seven weeks after Jesus, the Messiah was crucified and rose from the grave. Forty days He stayed with us, teaching us about God's Kingdom, preparing us for what was to come. We watched as He ascended into heaven. Now we would be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. But we would not be alone, for soon He said a gift was coming. The Spirit of God would make His home in our hearts, bringing wisdom, power and love. Then, as we were gathered on the day of Pentecost, suddenly we heard a sound like the rushing wind. Out of nowhere appeared tongues of fire, descending on each of us. It was incredible to behold. We were filled with the Holy Spirit. God was preparing us, because the city was filled with devout men from every nation under heaven. They gathered to hear us preach, because each man could understand us in his own language, and they were amazed. By the power of the Spirit, we were able to tell them the good news about Jesus Christ in their native tongue. That day, three thousand of them repented and were baptized. None of us had ever done anything like it in our lives. The Holy Spirit is God's free gift for all who come to believe in Him. You too, by the power of the Spirit can accomplish great things that you would never imagine yourself capable of. In the spirit we have hope, light, comfort, peace, love and life. My friend, don't let this powerful gift remain dormant in your lives. Listen to it, learn from it, and step out in faith.

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