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Pastor's Bible

By: Cross Collection

Description: This image of a Pastor's Bible is composed of an open Bible, centered between two lit candles, and lying in front of a simple, gold cross. This ceremonious arrangement sits on a rectangular purple background, with a white lace cloth. The Bible is illustrated simply with a gold cover framing white pages, grey lines indicating text, and a thin, red ribbon falling down the center of the book. The two candles on either side of the book are small and white with a soft yellow glow around their flames, and sit in gold candlesticks.

Tags Used: bible study, bookmark, books, candlelight, christian, crosses, doctrine, epistles, gold, gospels, lace, liturgy, minister, new covenant, new testament, niv, nkj, nlt, old testament, pastor, preacher, preaching, readings, schools, scripture, sermons, services, studies, study, teachings, theology, truth, verses, vespers, worship