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Bible Falling Open

By: Letters & Arts Artists

Description: Bible Falling Open is a black and white illustration composed of a Bible that appears to be landing on its back, falling open. The image has a clean, yet sketched aesthetic, created only with solid black lines, with no shading or detail. The motion of the image is implied by the Bible's white pages drawn flying upwards at their edges, and by lines of black dots extending from the book across the white background, serving as motion lines. The Bible has a thick black cover that borders the pages, and a bookmark made of black lines running down its center.

Tags Used: bibles, bookmark, books, christian, classes, confirmation, contemporary, education, empowerment, enlightenment, glow, illuminate, illustration, inspiration, open, pastor, prayers, praying, radiate, readings, research, revelation, risen, scriptures, sermons, spirit, study, truth